"Coaching with JoAnn has been the key to changing my stubborn bad lifestyle habits. I used to think my chaotic work schedule and long hours held me prisoner. She has motivated me to explore solutions, which proved to be sitting right there all along! I am now drinking water, exercising and eating much healthier, while working the same schedule!" IF

​"After 50 years, I've finally become a fruit & veggie eater and am drinking way more water than ever. My blood sugar is coming down and I'm feeling much better! I'm so happy I joined a group that JoAnn was coaching. ML

"Hi JoAnn, I just printed off the first draft of my book so I can read it and start the editing process. I finished writing on Sunday. Just wanted to say thanks for motivating me to work on it. It wouldn't be done if it hadn't been for your coaching sessions." JV

​"I have made more changes the past 18 months than I ever dreamed possible. I love life, and I love who I've become. JoAnn knows how to ask the right questions to help me think about my challenges in such a way that I can use them to propel me forward with courage." LM

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"JoAnn and I have done team coaching in several of our Lifestyle Matters classes. She uses her warmth and humor combined with personal openness and vulnerability to create an environment where people feel at ease to share their dreams as well as trials." Evelyn Kissinger, Director of Lifestyle Matters at Work

​"Without hesitation I can endorse JoAnn as a skilled wellness coach. I love how she knows how to meet people where they are and assist them to get where they want to be." Vicki Griffin, Director of Health Ministries for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 

"After having individual coaching with JoAnn, I didn't waiver at the opportunity of hiring her to do a combination of teaching nutrition and group coaching through our office with some of our participants who have diabetes and heart disease. Several have made exciting changes over the past 6 months. They are enthusiastic over their accomplishments and very appreciative of the support JoAnn gives to them." Becky Young, Ottawa Co. Department of Public Health

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